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Welcome to Calgary's one of a kind relaxation studio. You will notice as soon as you arrive and greeted by one of our lovely attendants why we stand out from the rest. To make your experience even more indulgent, some of our treatment rooms also provide oversized steam showers to help soften your soreness and purge unwanted toxins. Your heated massage bed is draped in professionally laundered & sanitized linens to keep you warm after you come out from your steam to make your visit more safe and comfortable. Feel pampered with our modern furnishings and luxurious ambiance while one of our exquisite attendants makes every effort to ensure you are completely relaxed.

There's no denying that you deserve it...

go ahead & treat yourself today!

Call to book your unforgettable experience with our trusted reputation!

(Please note female clientele must be booked in advance with select attendants)

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